2015-02-13   The Bootleg w/Nerf Herder, Punch Punch Kick

2014-09-13   Old Towne Pub, Pasadena – 9:45pm
2014-10-09   Los Globos, Silverlake
2014-07-27   Rockwood Music Hall, New York City
2014-06-18   Los Globos w/Bed, Derde Verde, Punch Punch Kick
2014-05-30   El Cid w/Wartime Recitals
2014-05-05   Satellite w/Air Life (Monday free residency)
2014-04-16   Harvard & Stone w/Ugly Sweaters, The Street & Babe Shadow
2014-03-21   El Cid w/Turbo Lightning, Punch Punch Kick, Detangler
2014-02-24   The Echo w/Kera & The Lesbians, InsectvsRobot
2014-01-12   Bootleg w/Speak, Meltybrains
2013-10-23   ***ALBUM RELEASE SHOW @ Bootleg w/Derde Verde, Turbo Lightning, Bed***
2013-09-02   Bootleg Summer Send-Off Festival
2013-08-16   El Cid w/Kid Cadaver, Featherwolf, Hunting Accident
2013-07-03   Bootleg w/Kid Cadaver, Go West Young Man
2013-06-03   El Cid w/Wild Pack of Canaries,
2013-02-09   Los Globos w/Seapony, Rose Melberg
2012-11-05   Bootleg Theater w/Kiven, Cayucas, In The Valley Below (Residency)
2012-10-23   The Central w/Hot TV, Go West Young Man (Residency)
2012-09-24   Bootleg Theater w/Kitten (Residency)
2012-08-18   Bootleg Theater w/Jail Weddings, Henry Clay People (Record Release)
2012-07-12   Bootleg Theater w/Sandbox, Hunting Accident, Derde Verde
2012-05-06   Rawr Fest 2012 @ Homeroom w/Derde Verde, Peter Pants, Pitch Like Masses, etc
2012-04-04   Lot 1 Cafe w/Derde Verde
2012-03-30   Jones Acoustic Nights w/Mike Bloom
2012-03-29   Morning of the Magicians w/White Magic, Jeffertitti’s Nile, etc
2012-03-09   Casey’s w/C-Horse
2012-02-24   Home Room w/Tes Elations, Kris Special, SLFM
2012-01-12   Bootleg Theater w/Masxs, Heywood
2011-12-03   Pehrspace w/College Kids, Fern Lane, Derde Verde
2011-10-29   Pehrspace w/CAMal, Vanish Valley
2011-10-11   Satellite w/Rademacher, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Geronimo Getty
2011-09-24   Acoustic Set @ Vlad the Retailer’s w/Ken Tanaka book reading
2011-08-23   Bootleg Theater w/Auditorium, College Kids, Kevin Earnest
2011-08-16   RoyalT Power!Animal!Party! w/Physical Forms, Ema and Her Lady Parts
2011-07-26   San Francisco, CA – Kimo’s w/Hunting Accident
2011-07-06   Silverlake Lounge w/Moses Campbell, Body Parts, Belize
2011-05-21   Pasadena Memorial Park Japan Benefit (acoustic set)
2011-05-06   Pehrspace w/Kris Special, Stellaluna, Chuck Dukowski Sextet
2011-04-23   Eternal Telethon (acoustic set)
2011-01-24   The Commonwealth (Fullerton) w/Jorge Huaman
2011-01-19   Silverlake Lounge w/Kris Special
2010-12-22   Silverlake Lounge w/Matu, Brit Lauren
2010-12-18   The Central w/Ghost of the Robot